These are the marks that shape our church. Disciples OC exists to see people redeemed, refined, and on-mission for Jesus Christ in Orange County and the world.

By Redeemed we mean, God’s desire to reclaim and recover our lives to health. By Refined we mean, God’s desire to renew us as as we live together in community. By On-Mission we mean, to identifying our unique talents in order to fulfill His good purposes.

Individually, we are being refined by God as we live in community and walk through the messiness of life. Collectively, we are working together to be a blessing to our neighbors and our city.

We like to keep it real around here. So here is the scoop on who we are:

We’re a motley crew of dysfunctional people. We’re trying to figure this Christian life out and we mess up often. We’re learning to think of others above ourselves and it takes practice. Someone will probably hurt you or offend you, but not intentionally. We are not perfect, but we’re being perfected. Please be patient!

We have people experiencing crisis, serious health issues, financial ruin, wayward children, addictions, and death of loved ones….that’s just the beginning. We have new believers and mature believers navigating as best they can, stepping on toes along the way. We turn it into a dance of grace. There’s a lot of baggage, wounds, and sins that people bring with them, we don’t have you check your baggage at the door – we encourage you to bring it in – it’s what Jesus did! We love to watch as Christ gently removes the unnecessary and burdensome baggage and replaces it with His truth.

It may get messy (actually, it will), it will be uncomfortable, but Jesus died to expose the mess so that HE could clean it up….it’s His great pleasure! We believe the Gospel is the power of God in our midst bringing salvation and restoration to everyone who believes! It’s what the abundant life is all about (John 10:10) So, please bear with us! Be willing to get messy without getting wounded. It requires thicker skin, abundant mercy, humility, surrender and people who won’t give up when the going gets tough.

The bottom line is we love Jesus! We are devoted to Him! LOVE is our foundation and we cling to the cross! We cling because if not, we’d be a hopeless mess! We’re quick to forgive, because we recognize Jesus has forgiven the inexcusable in us! Some may find forgiveness hard, but we believe it’s the foundation of freedom in Christ.

If you feel tired, broken, and empty, if shame and condemnation weigh heavy, if you have skeletons in your closet, join us! If you don’t know about the Bible or Jesus, join us! If you know about the Bible and Jesus but want more, join us! If you have a feeble prayer life and a shallow faith, join us!

You probably won’t fit in if you think you have it all together. If you don’t, join us! Come as you are, bring your baggage and stay a while!