Encountering the Reality of Jesus

Traffic, taxes, the first day back at work/school after vacation…some things in life we wish we could simply will out of existence. Instead, these realities regularly confront us in ways we can’t ignore, no matter how hard we wish against them.

This happened to a man named Saul of Tarsus, too. In Acts 9 this AM, along with Galatians 1, we were reminded about the day and season that Saul encountered Jesus in an undeniable way.

Prior to this confrontation, Saul had opposed everything about Jesus, along with His followers, about as vehemently as possible. He had actively persecuted those who followed Jesus. He wished and willed against the reality of Jesus as Messiah…yet… the true God was an unavoidable reality…and Saul surrendered his will and his life to the Lordship of Jesus….and his life was permanently transformed.

4_paul-conversionHe went from being a murderer of Christians to being a missionary to the world. That’s what we read in Acts 9 when Saul of Tarsus was converted to the way of Jesus.

No one would ever have predicted Saul’s conversion, his heart was hard as a rock. But God broke through and Saul surrendered to the reality. This is a type of Biblical irony. In surrendering, Saul was actually getting victory. In submission, he would be lifted up. In giving up his life to Jesus, his life would be saved.

This is what God desires for those who are lost, who haven’t yet surrendered to the reality of Jesus. So keep on praying for those who don’t know Jesus. Keep on sharing the good news with them. Ask God to do the impossible. Jesus is still changing lives. He still rescues,He still transforms those we thing are lost causes.

Disciples Church, your pastors are praying for our family that we would continue to encountered the reality of Jesus in an undeniable way. And as it does, we hope that others would “glorify God because of us.” (Gal.1:24)

-Pastor Erik

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