Experience Advent with Disciples

Experience Advent with Disciples

25 Days till Christmas. “Are you ready?” What does this question even mean?

It illicit’s stress for some. The endorphins kick in. Deadlines! So, what are we getting ready for?

With the best intentions many of us want to savor the beauty of the season; we want to pause and focus upon the real meaning of Christmas. Yet, amidst the shopping lists, maxed out credit cards, family gatherings, parties, tensions, and deadlines, we often find ourselves spinning and exhausted. At the end of it all we’re left perplexed that another Christmas passed us by in what seems like a blink. There goes another year of intentions. 

So what can we do? Having the best intentions is passive. Being Intentional is active.

Join us as we observe Advent. The Latin word for Advent means “coming”. It’s a journey that keeps us focused on the coming of Christ from birth and reminds us that He’s coming back. So, beginning four Sundays before Christmas through Christmas Eve, walk with us through the truths of Scripture that point to the birth of the Messiah and His-story from there.

God changed the world on Christmas…it was the day when Christ, the Son of God {God in flesh} came down from heaven and dared step into this broken world for freedom sake, to forgive, redeem, and restore. A sacrifice on Christ’s part; He came down to take us up—because without him it’s impossible. Without Him there’s no HOPE for eternity. Eternity requires perfection. And this flesh disqualifies; we’re not even good. Not even close. Some say, “But I’m a good person.” But, no! Not even close. We’re all a fine line to crazy. And many have crossed the line. We’ll never be good enough. Impossible. THAT’S why we need CHRISTmas.

Allowing the realization of these truths to soak-in-deep, into every crevice of mind, body and soul is Advent. A time of expectant…waiting…reflection.

We will post a reading/reflection/video to help us center our thoughts around Christ this season. It is our prayer that when the season ends we will rejoice together that it was a time of worship, reflection, and true celebration of Christ.


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