Sunday Recap 11.23.14 Opposition, Obedience, On Mission

Sunday Recap 11.23.14 Opposition, Obedience, On Mission

Yesterday, in our service, we sat under and sang some heavy truths.

Heavy because they point Christ followers to what can be harsh realities, like persecution. According to Jesus, His followers should actually expect those realities. In part, because that’s what happens when you follow Jesus and also because we all live in this broken world. The Apostles were able to, because of the reality of a risen Jesus, stand in the face of persecution and the face of death and say with confidence, “We must obey God rather than men.” Ac5:29

In addition, they were able to celebrate the fact that they were “counted worthy to be dishonored on behalf of the Name.”Ac5:41 These men weren’t crazy pain seekers…instead, they’d found what few others had…true, lasting, REAL life in Jesus who proved Himself to be the Messiah/Savior!  As a result, knowing their new identity as sons of God (Eph2:12-14), they knew that “the sufferings of this present time are not worth comparing with the glory that is going to be revealed…”  They were able to endure present heavy/hard circumstances because they knew Christ has secured a better life for them in eternity.

One of the songs Pastor Matt and his team led us in was “High Above it All”, some of the lyrics read:

I’ve walked through death’s valley, I will not fear
Your blood it covers me, You are my shield
When I’m weary and I’m weak, You are all the strength I need
Grace deeper than the sea, conquered the grave You gave it all for me,
Your love displayed There is power in Your name, I give You all my praise

Disciples Church, your pastors are praying for you, that in gratitude to Jesus, you would be:

—>Daily walking w/ Jesus, listening to His Words, talking to Him in prayer.(Jn10:27)
—>Seeking to live/work as a follower of Jesus, applying the Kingdom’s values to all you do.(Matt6:33)
—>Finding comfort from the Spirit in your trials so you can help bear the burdens of others.(2Cor1:3-7)

Rejoicing, even though…Monday,

Pastor Erik

p.s. If we can pray for you specifically in your trials, please let us know how.

If you missed yesterday, you can take it in here:


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